Creating smoother customer experiences with lead generation in Whatsapp and FB Messenger

Brand Development Services

Customer inquiry message directly to WA & FB Messenger to make it easy for people to find and contact your business and also have an easy communication.


To begin with, our team studied deep on the stakeholders involved with the brand, which includes:
  • About Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger,
  • Social Media Platforms,
  • What needs to be improved to increase the reach,
  • What will help for easy communication,
  • Competitors analysis, and
  • What the customers are looking for exactly.

  • Problem
    The client was unable to connect their business and increase their reach with the target audience. Our team worked on to get a better insight and understanding on what the customers or the target audience look for exactly and expect.

    Once we got a clear picture of what the customers expect and understand what will increase the clicks and ctc we curated the most appropriate ad campaign plan with its feasibilities which ensured optimum results.

    Once we were ready with the best that will help the client reach its audience and have a smooth interaction with automated messages. We designed an ad campaign which runs on Facebook and Instagram through which we were successful in targeting the customers, receiving inquiries on Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger and increasing the clicks which also helped in converting visitors to customers. We also created an automated message system for Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger.

    The Result

    The successful execution of our ad campaign helped the client to increase the reach to about 270,624 people with the lowest cpr and cpc costs.

    Ad Campaign designed for Facebook and Instagram.

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