Herbal City

Herbal City
This case study shows how our team at Mitigiti helped our client Herbal City, to increase conversions for their products. Mitigiti created Facebook ads for the brand which helped them up to their sale for their products.

Mitigiti, is a digital marketing company situated in Pune. We use suitable ad strategies to build winsome ad campaigns which will help our clients to gain and increase leads and conversions.

Brand Details
Herbal City is a beauty brand that has a range of herbal beauty products that are handmade freshly and is cruelty-free. Their products include a range of skin, face and hair products.

Category Introduction
The client had approached Mitigiti for two products, beard growth oil and skin whitening cream. They wanted us to create conversions for these products through our Facebook ads.

The objective of the ad campaign was to create new conversions which will help in increasing the product sale.

The campaign involved creating Facebook ads and generating leads within a time frame of 1 week. Our team at Mitigiti curated and ran Facebook ads particularly for two products of Herbal City for which they were not able to gain leads previously.

The brand was unable to generate conversions before for two products. Our team curated Facebook ads according to the client requirements for these products. The Facebook ads were run for a week for each product. We were successful in gaining a good profit for their specified products.

Top selling products: The results of the targeted products we curated the ad campaigns for. We were able to increase the product sale by more than 250% as shown in the statistics above.

Top Landing Pages: Product links that we targeted in our ads helped in a drastic increase in the number of visits on the particular products.

Online store sessions: Our Facebook ads were able to increase the number of visitors to the site i.e 948 which sums up to 4,889% increase in visitors.

Sales by social source: The revenue generated by our Facebook ads is Rs 8,991 within a week. There was a total of 50% increase in revenue.

Conversion Funnel: The statistics indicate the total number of sessions for the products, we created the ads.

We were successful in generating a good revenue for the products. We generated the above revenue for their products within a time frame of a week.

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