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Case study for The Scent Shop

The case study shows how Mitigiti created Facebook ads and Google ads for our client The Scent Shop. The curated ads by Mitigiti helped the brand acquire new conversions and leads which helped them to increase their revenue.

Brand Introduction
The Scent Shop is an online seller of luxury fragrances based in Mumbai, India.

Category Introduction

Mitigiti was approached by the client to create Facebook and Google ads for their brand. We created conversions for their products through our Facebook and Google ads.

The objective of the ad campaign was to create new conversions which will help in increasing the product sale.

The campaign was active for almost a week. Our team of experts at Mitigiti created Facebook and Google ads for the brand.

Mitigiti team generated Facebook and Google ads for The Scent Shop. We were successful in obtaining the results efficiently in almost a time span of a week.


Here we can see there was an increase in page views and other activities on their Facebook page through our ads.

Active Users

In this image it can be seen that the number of unique and new users increased through our ad campaigns.

User Activity

The graph above indicates about the user behavior before and after the ad. Our team was successful in achieving the efficient result post are ads went live. There was a tremendous amount of increase in the number of users visiting the site through our live ad campaign.

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